Feb 20 2014

Today having day off.Made Blueberry Muffin cake.Bought MGM stock.wished Milli Theisen at Happy 90th Birthday.Watched Movie.Time Machine,Meaning of everything, And Decided to use this Blog a type of Log.Diary.I need to get in the Habit of Moving Forward even though Lisa Upsets me.I want to Live To over 100 and To dwell on the Fact that I was Taken to the cleaners and gave Lisa my Inheritance while I was sick from Alcohol,its not Healthy to remember the Greed that Caused Lisa to take Advantage of me.She Needs More Help than I do Now in the Future.



Why do you always have to be Right?I was asked that a lot while I was At D.A.C.Center. It was that usually I was and it was difficult for them to admitted it.I put on this Mask of a perfect Prisoner. I was playing with the other prisoners most of the time.I did not take them seriously
Because many had more to lose than myself.I already lost everything or it was taken from me
By my Sister Lisa and my Brother in Law Rick.God helped me calm down and focus.Getting out was still in the future.


Balance, Aim,Stamina, For as long as I can remember I have always
Been able to roll tuck catch seemingly without thinking.Little
Things that should throw me off balance I am able to recover.I land on my feet so to speak.Physically I can do things that I don’t think is common. I once caught a fly in Mid Air with two fingers.I saw an object fall from a shelf and caught it before impact on the Floor.I watched an item that was on another and Knew it was going to
Slip off before it started.Its strange
To be aware of things around me
And be able to apply knowledge of Kinetics to make judgement of Movement. Mostly it has been taken for granted over the years.I am grateful for my Balance and posture.Many are not aware of how important posture and alignment of your spine is for keeping healthy.