Days of Finding Priorities

What seemed Important when I was Released is becomming Skewed by Everyday Living and Working.DREAMS are Being REPLACED by Reality and I am Losing my Creativity to the Constant need to Work and Pay bills.I am Grateful for the Job but I am being Absorbed into WALMART COLLECTIVE as I Call it.I have now Been Offered Full Time Position BUT it is in a Department that Does NOT see People as I Wish.Much Progress to Re- Gain TRUST has been Done now.Payment of Old Outstanding Bills and Gaining Strength through making AMENDS



When I blame others I give up my POWER to change,I am in this program because I know I need to change my Destructive ways of Thinking and Poor Communication Skills.I am here to create and Maintain an Environment where I can learn to accept responsibility for my choices
and where I can Freely open up to new ways for PERSONAL GROWTH.