playing Mind Games

While at DACC i noticed the Different Stages of the Program Delt with making the Inmates afraid of anything and everything that Might cause a Ripple Effect throughout the Community.Our Community Consisted of 55 or so Inmates per Wing of DACC .The Entire Building had 279 Drug and ALCOHOL related Criminals.People were sent to DACC if there Offense was related to Abuse of Sustances.Robbery,Driving while Intoxicated Supporting their Habit by Selling their Child,Domestic Abuse,Ect. This place For me Became Fun in a Way because I started playing with their Minds.Wearing my Shirt Inside out to see how long it would take for Someone to Notice,Watching for Helecopters and pretnding the were going to land for my Escape,Writing down the times of the Train whistle would blow and making sure the Group would see me During our Structured Gathering.Every couple of hours we had Count to see if anyone attempted to Leave.Their were no Fences so Basically you could Just walk off and get into a Car if you planned and Really wanted to Leave.One guy from hartford did just that.It seems that the simpler the Mind, the Easier it was to Comply withrRE-PROGRAMING. The Stronger the Mind the Harder to Confrm to their BRAIN WASHING.The Invisible Heleicopter and the Hidden Tunnel wrre also one of my Games I played with them.The SGTS told me to Stop playing games their Minds.I got a Kick out of it.Ki also wrote in the Snow Big ARROW so the Helecopters Knew the spot to Land and I went off the Tracj and made my Own path in the Snow.I could not and would NOT do it their way .I AM AN INDIVIDUAL!


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