I will never eat Raman Noodles again BUT at the time in Prison they wre a Staple.Prices Ranged Drastically The County Jail was 68 cents 1000% increase from cost
either way the real cost was High Blood Pressure.It was Mostly sodium
1 gram + per serving.The place is a Racket …..I am using the words of one of the
Sergents.I have to Admit that The Sergents were very Nice,they had to Put their Mask on
Or the Criminals would take Over.They realized they could talk to Richter
BUT they also Warned me that they could not let the Others SEE THEM talking to me for my Own Safety.NOT to be Suspected as a NARC.I Played that very well
The Thin Line of Could I be or is he KEPT ME SAFE on BOTH
SIDES.They thought TWICEt.


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