MaryJo Queen of DACC

When I was sent to DACC after Dodge,I was confronted with a strange sense of Fear from the people in the Program,All were at Different Stages of the program so their Conditioning were also at different levels of Paranoia,The Graduating Class of seniors were so Close they would do anything they could to Stay on course and not fail.Everyone was very Afraid of MARYJO
who had it in her power to Fail you with a Wave of Her hand,Her VOICE was heard Before I was able to See her.Military Stern Grey Haired Woman that was not
Shy of Swearing and Slamming her hand Down as if a Gavel
of a Court room.She could and Did send many Back into REAL PRISON
for Looking at her sideways.So everyone was on edge and watching everyone
else to Report.Every group was checking for mistakes of the other Groups.They were the police of the others.Holding everyone accountable for actions and even holding themselves
accountable just in case someone was watching.If someone did something wrong and you witnessed it and did not Report it,YOU would be just as Guilty as the perpetraitor
if you were seen then you would be reported.The Groups were Self Guided in a way
All the Couselers Did was sit back and Watch.They were reporting to MARYJO
Who was considered by Many as Their HIGHER POWER.The program does Work
if you were RECOGNIZED as Growing their way.GROWTH IS PERSONAL
it is NOT the same for ALL.This was the mistake of DACC.The SO CALLED
EXPETS were Playing as they also learned.But with LIVES!


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