I Arrived Home One Day and To My Surprize there was a NOTICE OF EVICTION on my Front Door.It did not Register Within my Head
what It Meant I just RIPPED it off the Door and Entered my House.
I poured myself a Drink (Vodka/Tonic) And just went along Blocking
it out with My Friend ALCOHOL.
I just could not Comprehend what
was happening,My friends took it
more seriously than myself and
(FROG) tried to prepare me for what would happen in the future.I pretended to pack up my things,went through the Motions NEVER REALLY GRASPING the eventual Eviction.LISA was so Nice asking if I needed boxes and I just thought
it was all some kind of Cruel JOKE!
SHE WAS SERIOUS but I WAS IN DENIAL! She Said I could Store my things in the Back Bedroom I again
went Through the Motions and tried to FIT THE WHOLE HOUSE of
Things into One Room.I Locked Up
my Valuables into a small Room
Downstairs which was a sealed up
original entrance from the Garage to the Basement.I called it the VAULT,TRIPLE LOCKED and I thought Pretty Darn Secure.Gold and Silver Coins And other Valuables.LATER RICK BEDER GAVE THE MOVING MONKEYS PERMISSION TO USE ANY FORCE NESSESSARY TO BREAK IN to the room And They DID!


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