When the time of the EVICTION got closer I prepared and stored my belongings in the back Bedroom per Lisa’s KIND SUGGESTION (Ya Right) thinking that it would be Safe UNTILL I found a place for MY STUFF.I on the other hand Had nowhere to Park My Butt Either BUT at least my things were safe, (foolin myself).I Watched as the Time of EVICTION got Closer.One day a couple of Weeks before the OFFICIAL EVICTION was to take place I arrived to my Family Home
and proceeded to put my Key in the Lock,To my Surprize the key did not work,RICK BEDER CHANGED THE LOCKS but my things were still in the House safe
or so I thought.I went to live with my Friend Sheila Ish and actually I
lived at Many Locations,MAYVILLE with Sharon Jackson,RICHFIELD with Rick Goetz,SLINGER with Kathy Tucker and Frog,and My Car.
PROBLEM: I was Drinking and I drove from place to place because I did not want to Wear Out My Welcome so every couple of Days I moved on.I knew it was a matter of time before Something would Happen.When I was staying with Sheila I made plans to get some of my things out of my House with RICK BEDER ……BEFORE The Date of the Official EVICTION.I wanted to retrieve things that I needed to SELL TO SURVIVE.It was a MONDAY
and I went to the House.Rick Beder Was NOT there as I expected.I Phoned him to Ask When He would Arrive,He said he Could NOT MAKE IT THAT DAY! How about in a couple of Days or so….I Agreed And I left.I returned again to see the Property on Wednesday and Noticed a Mess of Broken Blue Spruce Branches all Over the Driveway,Something Strange had taken Place!? I Then Drove Up the Driveway to get a Closer look.O MY GOD NO!


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