Writing This Book Blog

I was asked Why I am writing the Book.For Whom and who will read it? Who is my Taget audience?There really is no Target
I write because I need to release
Pented up Frustration from the Lack of Concern I have Witnessed
throughout this Life Change.It seems to me that the stronger I get
as time passes the more I am Feeling sadness for the Human Race.I am aware NOW, I have wasted well over 33 years being Clouded and I Self Medicated myself to Numb my senses from the World.I could not Handle Reality or so I thought.Now I am trying to Understand the people around me.I am still asking alot of Questions,Mostly about the People Closest, It seems that my Sisters
are Drifting away.Katie has recently
shown me her Confused Direction.I Thought I understood Her but I allowed her fractured thinking because I also was Messed up.Now that my mind is Clear I am seeing more and more Imperfections in her thinking patterns.I cant say its because of her choice of religion BUT it may be a factor.She Crushed my Mothers Heart When she was converted But at the time it was exactly what she needed.Katie and Joe had it very hard BUT They had each other.Having another person
Soul Mate around is a Blessing for which I had None.


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