Early Advice

I have a Great Childhood BUT I Never realized it untill later and i took alot for Granted.I am now Paying for it,God is teaching me that Life is a Great Gift and each moment is Special.Its hard sometimes to find purpose but I am learning.When I was young I remember my parents saying its good to have many friends,I would learn something from everyone,I was able to make friends easily I used humor as my way to show that I was Fun.I am not sure where the humor came from,I dont remember my dad being as goofy as I would become,I was shy or so I thought.I would be embarressed easily and Blush Quickly.I always thought I was Different from other kids and even Adults.I seem to be Able to Feel what others are feeling and I dont know to this day if I am alone. I am easily distracted in large Groups and cant focus unless there Are 10 or less people.When entering a room filled with people I can FEEL Everyone untill I cross the line of sight boundry.I found out early that ALCOHOL was a type of Tool to NUMB my senses and keep the Anxiety Down.I found that Parties were the place to go to Make new friends only I had to go to every one I could as if I was Missing Something.


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