Determined to Learn

I Started to Realize I was in a perfect place to learn. If Only i could learn what i wanted or at least learn something that could benefit my Future when i was released.The Two Years i was in
Prison Became a Two Year Degree
in Criminal Behavior,and along the way i read everything i could
I began to think and look at the world Differently.The so called coucelors were stuck in a system of just teaching Inmates why their
drinking or drugs caused them to
do what they did.They missed the point of why they took them in the first place.DESPARATE PEOPLE DO DESPARATE THINGS.They never taught the guys a possible new
carreer or new Skills, They released them back to the Same Environment with no New Hope or New Skills,I tried to help But they did not want to Hear.SHALLOW,
Their jobs depended on a Return
Visit by some.Keep the Bed warm and the light on,The Prison system
is good at Scooping or Cleaning out
the Bad parts of the Brain,They Dont Replace the Void with Information that is needed to COPE WITH THE REALITY OF LIFE ONCE RELEASED.


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