My Changed World MisTrust

The Prison System and the People
Who work within are trapped in a World that is Based on Mistrust.
Normal Questions are reguarded as some kind of ploy or a type of Criminal Behavior.When I arrived
all I did was ask Questions,I was confused because I was Honestly
asking for a Type of Logical Answer,
I was Answered in Riddles and Back talk.I was Looked at as the NEEDY one and I tryed to CHANGE and CONTROL my NEW WORLD.They said I was a MASTER MANIPULATOR.I Told them we all try to manipulate our surroundings,
But I might be Right.I became the one that had the Advice when people had Questions.They even came from other Institutions and Sought me out.Very Strange to Have an Inmate come from 300 Miles up north and ask me If I Was


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