My Changed World TACTIC

The Program is based on FEAR,it works through Intimidation and Threats.There are TEN group members who spy on one another
and hold each other accountable on things as silly as spilled coffee.
The action of spilling coffee could be compared to many of Lifes choices,its not the coffee but the action and who is held accountable
The Ripple effect could be someone Slipping.So if you dont admit to your action or hold yourself accountable someone else will and if they witnessed it and did not tell WELL they are juzt as Guilty and They now are  Part of the CRIMINAL ACT.It Turns Into A Game of Mistrust and Everyone is looking for Mistakes of others.PARANOIA OVERTAKES and no one
trusts anyone.If you were Told ti LITERALLY Stab your group member in the back to GET OUT EARLY I think some of these guys would.I Learned alot about Criminal Behavior and Gang Behavior.I learned not to trust anyone,I had to go to prison to learn how to be a criminal.


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