My Changed World (short timer)

It was very Interesting But of course Disturbing to see What happens to people when they are
confined for a length of Time.The system keeps them moving so they are not Too comfortable.And it also
keeps them from planning any escapes or starting criminal ties.I was a VISITOR (short timer) I was also Very Refreshing to some and a Terrible Reminder of Freedom to others.Talking to guys who Murdered their Boss or Sold Drugs
or Raped an old lady,Not nice guys
Spending 20 years and hoping to get out in another 5, I was doing 2
and getting out in 6 mos.What did I have to complain about?In Prison
you dont really know what they did unless you ask,and even then they could be untruthful,at DACC
you knew it was non- violent.Places
like FOX LAKE you are around guys who have been in for 30 years and have earned the Minimum Classification Starting at SUPER MAX in the beginning,and now at a MINIMUM facility with me who
remembers Freedom as yesterday.
I Was a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS for those guys.I was Threatened Many times But Put on the You DONT HAVE THE GUTS TO HARM ME LOOK.Ya Right BLUFFING ALL the time.WOLFY threatened to Put a SHOVEL TO MY HEAD.He Murdered
Two Guys already so he was a dangerous guy.


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