During the time that I was in I was
paid by the state, Everyone recieved pay 5¢ per hour.based on a 40 hr work week we were all given $2.00 a week to spend on
anything we wanted ($4.00) PER PAY PERIOD.CANTEEN Was very expensive and most of the prisoners had a Sweet Tooth,If they had Teeth.:-) A Certain percentage was taken out for fines
and Child support.Many of the Guys had 3,4 even 5 kids so they
had up to 75% taken out and it was sent back to their ( Baby MAMAS) they owed $20-40 Thousand Dollars and sent a check back to their families for $3.00,No wonder they were crying to me.Yes I seemed to Draw them as a type of comfort, as if I had answers.


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