My Changed World DACC JOB

While at DACC and Throughout the System jobs were offered to allow an Inmate to earn extra Money,from a nickle just sitting on your Ass they offered jobs of 12¢,15¢,19¢,24¢ and just one (1) job
that paid 42¢.I was the only one
at DACC that landed the highest
paying job, Not Sure Why Although
I was Qualified so were many others I think. The CO’s Refered to me as The Needy One,I asked alot of Questions,Something you just dont do in prison,and even when I was told that ,I Had to ask WHY. But Out of 30 or so Guys who were interviewed I was Chosen as Maintenence Helper for the only civilian, JOHN, Nice Guy.The job  had Alot of Trust Given along with it.Keys to the Elevator and I was able to access the inner hallways
of the Sergents and Social Workers
along with access to seeing the secretary’s And also the room I refer to as the URINE ROOM,The room that did all the testing for inmates pee.Hundreds of Viles
all the colors of the rainbow.
Well many at least ,Different Meds gave Urine different colors.I heard alot of Talking as I cut through the Hallway on my way to other Floors.
The Social Workers Planning their
Tactics of Dismissal and Termination,Playing with Group Members and their Sentences.
It was all a Power Mind Game
Headed by the Queen Social Worker Who Every Inmate Feared.


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