My World Changed (Waste Not,Not)

The Prison Population had the Bad
and the Really Bad,The Bad were the ones who realized where they were and were afraid of making any mistakes and thereby getting disciplined and put in the HOLE.The Really Bad were the ones who did not care or were not concerned
with anyone or anything and did not respect authority at all.They were the ones who would do anything to make the C.O.’s job
as Diffecult as possible.The C.O.’s
would then Punish everyone because they did not know Who the ANIMALS were.I always was the Loudest when I saw what the ANIMALS did,so as to let the C.O.’s
know I was also Disgusted,Example of Illogical Attempts to get
back at the System were Unraveling the entire roll of Toilet paper into the toilet and shiting on the floor.


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