My Changed World (where am I?)

Throughout the Confined Time I was acting as though I was not affected by my Surroundings.I was
behaving contrary to what was expected.It was my way of Denial
my way of coping with where i was.
Many Many times I was asked the Question: RICHTER DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE? Of course i did but somehow they were not sure i took all of it seriously.My way was to almost pretend so i would not
lose my Identity, That is what the prison system wants, they want to take what you are and leave you with nothing but what they choose
to fill your mind with.BUT that is mainly for the VIOLENT OFFENDERS
in like a LION out like a LAMB,It should NOT be used for DRUNK DRIVERS.Faulty and Illogical! I needed ReHab.I understood Too Well and Again I STOOD OUT.I had a drinking problem I was not Violent but i was put into the environment of VIOLENCE.There is a saying in AA if you hang around a barber shop chances are your going to get a Haircut. If you are around Bad and Violent people
Long Enough you become Desensitised to acts of violence.I was Aware and so i took it upon myself to Absorb ALL I could to Fill the VOID left behind from the Systems Neglect.


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