My World Changed 4c

So  getting permisson to keep my property in the House was a bit of comfort.But what was to become of me? Where was I to live?I became homeless and lived where
I could.Each day was a challenge
to find a spot to sleep and shower and go to the bathroom.I spent time looking and living from Mayville to Richfield to Hartford
Each place I began believe I was wearing out my welcome,so I spent
2-3 days at each location and then
left,I Drove and drank and then drank more.I wanted to get my things out of the house so I called
RICK BEDER and I told him to meet me to let me in,locks changed I needed permission to go to my own House.I was supposed to meet him and so I phoned and said I was in the Driveway,He then
said he could not make it that day and we should meet another time.
That was on a Monday…following.Wednesday was the KICKER…I went to the House and looked Through the Window,I WAS SHOCKED TO SEE THE HOUSE WAS


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