My world changed 4b

When I was evicted by my Brother in Law,I had no where to live because I did not believe that It would ever happen.I was in complete Denial.Seeing the eviction Notice on the door was
just unthinkable to me,Even though my friends told me to prepare I just could not fathom
the Idea,I Drank to Forget and escape to closing in on the reality
of the eventual and enevitable changing of the locks,Wow,I was locked out of the only house I lived
in my Whole Life by a Person Who
probably could not undrstand family,my brothr in Law.Rick B.
Earlier I was Told by my sister Lisa
that I had to look for a place to live
and If I could not move all my belongings it would be OK to store
my Property in the Corner back Bedroom,Which I Did.Also for years
Prior my dad and I had a Room in the Basement,I called it the VAULT.
A room I had TRIPLE LOCKED. When I was Evicted Rick B. gave the MOVING MONKEYS and the Officer Permission to USE ANY FORCE NESSESSARY to BREAK INTO THAT ROOM.He Phoned that to officer Lickle(by the way).


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