My World Changed 4

My Journey Through the Prison system was strange.I was put in jail
because of my Bail jumping crime.I was in terrible shape and needed
help.I could not stop drinking by myself and needed a place to allow
my mind and body to heal,it happened to be Washington County Jail.At the time I pleaded with my sisters to Bail me out so I could be free before Trial.The Bail
was $1000 Cash.NOT ALOT OF MONEY.They refused to pay the money and I was VERY ANGRY,the
Reason for the Lack of Bail money
was because my sisters were Tight.
Of course they cared but they cared more about their pocket books.It was the right decision in retrospect but I felt deserted and let down.How could money mean more than their Brother?GET ME OUT! The Officers and others could not understand and even my appointed attorney forgot I was still there.All these things were taken into account during my sentencing.My sister lisa volunteered false information
during my (PSI) Pre sentence Investigation.The judge based his decision on this.Caring of family,Questions on WHY I was not Bailed out for TWO MONTHS and JOB,CAREER CHOICES,BARTENDER,
They only thought I was a bartender and Worthless to Society.My Unemployment  situation and no Prospective FUTURE.


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