My World Changed 4-1b

When the judge sentenced me he
said what I believe he says to all
of the accused,Saying :You seem like a well spoken individual and it is my hope and understanding that if you Follow the rules and
learn I see no reason why you shouldnt be out of the Program
in 6 to 8 months, This program he was refering to was after I was sent to a type of screening facility
STATE PRISON where they keep the
Maximum and Super MAX I was told.But backing up in time a bit,
I still had to wait for my Travel papers so in the mean time I was sent back to my Cell at washington
County.The Jail in West Bend is Very Well made as far as Built to be a Show Piece of Tax payers money,30 ft ceilings No Windows but a ski light with no Sky.State of the Art 6 cell Two Story Pods with automatic doors.Meals were served
through a Slotted door.CANTEEN as it was called allowed Prisoners
to Purchase Extra Snacks to subsidise the lack of Taste in Jail Food.Prices were Very expensive
and I believe someone was making
a pretty penney on the Racket they had going.I


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