My World Changed 4-1abc

When I arrived at Dodge I was Treated like a Real Criminal and
because of my Prison number being so Low 127342, everyone (CO’s)
correction Officers assumed I knew
the Ropes or procedures.1980 I was on probation for selling Marijuana,Thats another story,
Most of the NUMBERS were in the
500,000 area the Lowest I saw was
#1937 and he was a Murderer from 1970’s.Anyway DODGE was
a Beginning for all who entered the System. Checkpoint for creating a Data Base of Gereral Health It started with a Shower
and de louseing shampoo,Haircut
Dental,Eyes,Exam Ect. an I.Q. TEST
READING,MATH,ECT. I was told later they assign Colors for levels
of Skills, I never recieved a Color,
It had something to do with how far you advanced in Schooling
Grade Level.Most of the Guys did not Graduate High School and 75%
were Black.I was Classified FAST TRACK, I think it meant get this College Guy the Hell Out of This Place as SOON AS POSSIBLE! I Stood out and The CO’s Knew it.
I needed to go Through STAFFING
first and get my checkup.Staffing
was very Strange,  I actually felt Sorry for the Staffing Sgts.All they
saw were Criminals and had to determine who gets Sent Where.
I was Told I would be the Last to be sent to a place called D.A.C.C.
Drug Abuse Correction Center.I would fill the population,Topped
out at 279 Drug and Alcohol related Crimes.I Left for D.A.C.C.
6 weeks later.


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