My World Changed 4-1a

I was considered Not Economically
Viable.The Movie called (Falling Down) with Michael Douglas.I found the society and the system
puts a price on your Head and
judges what use a person is by his past Choices and current Financial
Situation.Either Time or Money,To
FINE or To JAIL,That is the Question.I have No Doubt that if I had a career that Contributed more to the Community I would have been given a lighter Sentence.ALSO my sister Lisa actually volunteered false Information.She Meant well but
went above and beyond, giving
Prosecution.They base their sentence on What the Family tells them and any Negative is weighed
greatly From Family.The Judge has nothing to base his Decision on but
What Family says.The Judge also
Was out of touch with the Procedure,He said That I was going
to a safe place and if I complied(He meant LIED)I would be out in 6 to 8 months.The Judge
had No IDEA what he just sentenced me to at the time.I began My TWO Year Journey.


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