My Changed World Slang

I was being subjected to different forms of communication by people who have been in Prison before.They had ways and words that were unfamiliar to me.Cell Phone
is a way to communicate from one
cell to another by speaking into the
vent system along the wall.It actually traveled pretty far.When the Guards changed shifts is when the threats came, yelling back and forth across and down at the Blacks
and they would return threats.Cho- MOS were CHILD MOLESTERS and
were Harrassed Constantly.Even the Murderers Did not want to associate themselves with CHO-MOS.Everything was very Structured and Most of the people were recieving MEDS.My first Cellmate was Happy to find out I was a White Guy he was in for Murder and had that Scar across his face,While he was Jonesing one night waiting for his Fix of Meds from the C.O. i had the chance to confront him on how he received
his facial scar.He said a Bunch of Black Guys Jumped him while he was in NEW JERSEY PRISON,They Beat the shit out of him with LOCKS
IN SOCKS…The Locker locks in their socks.They purposely gave him the scar because he Killed another Black Guy and was considered a NARK,a nark is another BAD thing to be accused of.


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