My Changed World 4-1abcc

Prior to going to DACC I was seeing
and learning Criminal Thinking I decided to learn all I could Rather than Sleep or Hide like Most of the
Offenders did.I Began to start a Routine of sorts and Used the Structure of Discipline and TIME to create a 5am Wakeup and Sleep time of 11pm.This continued for the Next 2 years…..I Decided to Read all i could and Began to Heal
my Mind.The Problem with Prison
that I learned was that the system
DRAINS YOUR WILL and YOUR MIND,IT SUCKS THE LIFE FROM A PERSON and Does NOT CARE TO REPLACE THE VOID WITH ANYTHING USEFULL.I Figured out that I could choose my own Recovery and Direction I alone had the choice of what I wanted
to learn. I read Many Many Books and Magazines It Became a Self  Taught College Education.WHAT EVER I CHOSE TO LEARN,ALMOST.What my sisters did not understand was the Lack of Communication and the Disconnection I Felt,I was Hurting
And I was Very Angry that I could not Convey The Message.JULIE the Youngest was Very Very Helpfull
and Put up With my Controlling and demanding Requests.I was Desperate for Information.My Neice Clair was also a Blessing.
She Bought me the WallStreet Journal.


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