My Changed World 4-1ab

I was Sent on a Journey that no one
really understands Unless they have been there themselves.I certainly did not,or could not understand how This Could  be any type of a treatment for a non violent offender.I Drank and drove my car….Ok yes it was my fifth drunk driving but the previous drunk driving offense was 10 years
prior and also was due to Loss.I was now in the Prison System with all sorts of Criminals and i needed to behave much differently than i have ever behaved before.I created a Mask,A survival tactic.One thing you must not do is show
any Weakness.The Animals can Smell Fear and will pounce if given
a chance or provoked.Even though
most of the inmates in Dodge were
Short timers there was a sense of
organized Heiarcy,an order of a type of Criminal Code.There were the killers, the drug dealers,the theives,the Pimps,Gang members Thugs,Alcoholics Ect.The most hated and the one thing you do not want anyone to find out about
would be if you were a CHOMO
A Child Molester,Being labled as a Child Molester would Mean you would be Certain to be Stabbed or at the very least Worked over.The others saw them as Weak or to show the other prisoners that they
were not one they would Pound on them.Everyone Created a Mask
So as not to be Touched.My decision of Hiding was Tricky because the other animals (prisoners) knew I did not belong.I picked up on What i should be right away.They were actually a bit
afraid of me! yes yes i know but they saw me as a threat and questioned me,I was too smart to be in their cage.I was suspected as being a plant FIVE-O by the black
guys.The Black guys that i approached were VERY VERY afraid
to talk to WHITES.I was very outspoken and used my BIG Mouth as a way to always be Heard
or seen by people around me,I wad therefore Protected,I Created a Shield of Attention around me.


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