My World Changed 1

Three years ago FEB.14. 2010 My Journey began and my prayers were answered in a form that I did not expect but I truely needed.I was arrested by the police for bail
jumping because I drank.I received
a O.W.I. in Nov 2009 and was under a Zero Tollerance Rule.At this time I could not stop because my body needed Alcohol to keep
me alive or at least i thought.Every Morning consisted of waking up with drenched clothes,cold sweats,
extreme shakes until I drank my
vodka,A terrible existance.I asked for help many times from family and friends but no one saw or maybe cared to see.I was not thinking correctly and made really
stupid choices.This story will try to
explain what led to my downfall
and how I went from living in a great neighborhood of the Middle
Class to Living in a Storage Shed.
Guilt and Shame followed and finding God. It touches on Insanity
and Family Greed,Betrayal,Lies,
The Root is My inability to Cope or Deal with LOSS.


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