my changed world

I Took a wrong turn in my life by thinking that Everyone around me
was just like me.I trusted others
and That was the beginning of my Downfall.I Assumed that i was no different in my thinking than others,I was wrong.


my world changed

Working with the public since age 9 I observed only certain parts of the World Around me.Snapshots of Life that Came to me In random.


Pumping Gas for Clark Oil,Fathers Full Service Filling Station Age 16

My World Changed

Feb 14, 2010 My World Changed when I was Locked up for Bail Jumping from a previous Drunk Driving Arrest.It was my 5th in 21 yr
Span.I did not even understand the
consequences BUT I did need HELP. I was locked up and started a Two year journey through the Wisconsin Prison System.This is Where It starts BUT I need to try to explain the circustances which led to my Incarceration in the first place.
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